Editing Policies

1. All users must not add gibberish to pages. If you do this three times you will get a warning from admin. If you continue this it will result in a block.

2. Vandalism is not allowed on pages. It will result in possible page protection and an automatic block.

3. Humor is not allowed on pages.

4. If you wish to create a page on a character make sure the character has done some interesting events or has been in at least three games.

5. Geting articles off wikipedia is allowed as long as you ask permission from admin or are one.

6. Badge hunting is not allowed . If this is continued constantly admin will disable badges. Badges are earned not taken.


1. If you can act normally on chats.

2. If you are constantly being reported of being naughty, inappropriate, etc. you will be blocked from chat.

Image Policies

All images must be appropriate and not be inappropriate. They also must be relevant to the page.